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If you’re like most new engagement ring shoppers, you’ve probably considered purchasing online. Up to 92% of millennials have reported browsing for diamonds on the internet, according to the 2016 De Beers Diamond Insight Report. Shopping on the web is convenient, there’s a lot of variety, and you’re likely to find the best deals when compared to a brick and mortar store. But are you getting a diamond that is of quality?

One of the biggest problems of internet shopping is buying sight unseen. That amazing picture you saw could just be a digital rendering. You may not actually be getting what you paid for, which can lead to regret.

We understand that many couples will choose to buy their diamonds online. And if you’re an online diamond shopper, consider getting it verified by our team of jewelry experts, free of charge. Whether you’ve bought your diamond online or from another jeweler, we will run your diamond through a variety of tests as well as educate you on diamond basics.

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Our expert jewelers will inspect and verify the following attributes of your diamond:

  1. Authenticity with a specialized device that distinguishes diamonds from moissanite and can quickly indicate if a stone is a diamond or a simulant.
  2. Measurements and inscription.
  3. Carat weight via a scale.
  4. Color of the stone.
  5. Clarity with a 20x loupe.

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Our jewelers will educate you on the 4 C’s of diamond verification which are universally accepted criteria used in diamond evaluation. Diamond certification is often considered the 5th C as it provides the stamp of authenticity you’ll need to insure, or to sell your diamond.

The 4C’s include:
Carat – Weight of the diamond
Cut – Quality of the proportioning, polish, and symmetry
Color – Diamonds with no color are very rare and expensive
Clarity – How many natural flaws a diamond has

If you bought a diamond online, or are shopping for engagement rings, come in to our store, located west of the Houston Galleria, for a free diamond consultation. We guarantee you will be pleased with the knowledge you receive.

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