When it comes to Mother’s Day gifts, moms always appreciate the classics like fresh flowers and breakfast served in bed, but the gift that moms secretly want is jewelry. This year, give her a present that shows how much you love her. With our extensive collection of Mothers Day jewelry, you’ll surely find the right piece, one that will be a reminder that you intend to celebrate her every day. Recommended jewelry for this special day include rings, heart pendants and charm bracelets. Whether you need a gift for your wife, mother or the special woman in your life, show her how special she is with jewelry. The following 10 Mother’s Day gift ideas are pieces that the mom in your life will love.

Yellow Princess Cut Diamond Ring

Surprise your mom with this Yellow Princess Cut Diamond Ring. With its white diamond-encrusted setting and light radiating cut, our yellow diamond ring exhibits sophistication and class. Symbolizing hope and renewal, this yellow diamond adornment will shine and shimmer with every hand gesture.

Columbian Emerald Ring

As one of the four globally recognized precious stones, emeralds represent a refined sense of style as does our Columbian Emerald Ring. Since the stone in our emerald ring features a pear cut, the accessory exudes rare styling and panache.

Tapered Baguette Sapphire Ring

The ancient Romans wore polished sapphires as jewelry, so this particular gem has been adorning people for centuries. Our Tapered Baguette Sapphire Ring features one of these striking stones in an emerald cut along with a diamond-encrusted setting. The person who wears it will surely feel special and loved.

Circle of Life Pendant

Long considered a symbol of love, people have been using rubies to accessorize for centuries. The Hindus thought that the gems held an inner fire that was inextinguishable just like the love you feel for the mom in your life. This Circle of Life Pendant is one of our jewelry gift ideas that’s both refined and filled with meaning.

Flower Pearl and Diamond Ring

Instead of giving your mom flowers that will only last a week or two for Mother’s Day, give her this Flower Pearl and Diamond Ring. White diamonds form the petals while the ring’s pearl is the center of the flower. Like snowflakes, every pearl is unique as is your mom.

Pearl and Diamond Estate Style Necklace

Tradition and sophistication come together in this Pearl and Diamond Estate Style Necklace. Pearls have a noble past since they’ve long been used to adorn royalty. In fact, the oldest known pearl jewelry was found decorating a Persian Princess who passed away in 520 BC. With its pendant styling and diamond-encrusted elements, this necklace exhibits elegance and grace.

Sunshine Tennis Bracelet

Channel set sapphires combined with a yellow gold setting give this tennis bracelet its bright appearance. The jewelry world embraced the name “Tennis Bracelet” for this type of adornment after renowned athlete Chris Evert wore one during a match. The Sunshine Tennis Bracelet’s unique coloring and classic styling make it a good replacement for breakfast in bed this Mothers Day.

Emerald Bangle

Displaying a unique cut for emeralds and enhanced by a white gold setting, this Emerald Bangle is the ideal present for the mom in your life. Most of these gems display a rectangular cut, so with its oval cut emeralds, this bracelet features a subtle distinctness that will surely surprise and thrill your mom.

Trillion and Diamond Pendant Necklace

As one of the hardiest gems, the gift of an emerald is sure to last. The Trillion and Diamond Pendant Necklace is one of our jewelry gift ideas. It merges quality with high style as the piece exhibits a sizable stone amid a white gold setting. This adornment is the perfect gift due to its distinct artisanship and delicate pendant styling.

Sapphire Pendant with Diamond Halo

With the world’s most desirable gem encircling the accessory’s sapphire in halo form, the Sapphire and Diamond Pendant Necklace is one of this year’s unique Mother’s Day gift ideas. The ancient Greeks thought that diamonds were star fragments. Show the mom in your life that she is a star to you by giving her something unforgettable.