Hate it or love it, the avocado has taken pop culture by its feet. Avocados popularity has taken off within recent decades, and is now even being used as a ring box! Yes you heard right, some lovebirds are now proposing with avocados and it is becoming an Instagram sensation.

Millennials have taken this fruit to the next level, on February 10th, Dike shared an interesting picture, a diamond engagement ring smack dab in the center of none other than an avocado. The post went viral instantly, racking up thousands of likes and comments. Some people are calling this trend a vegan-inspired act of romance, while others are saying avocado proposals are “every hippy girl’s dream”.

If a person’s heart is through their belly, then this trend is the perfect way to get her to say “I avoca-DO”!

How do you propose with an avocado? Take your lover to a scenic outdoor destination that is ideal for an afternoon picnic and pack a lunch that an avocado would compliment. When she least expects it, pop open your Select Jewelers engagement ring filled avocado and observe her priceless reaction!

Photos courtesy of Instagram account: kimtylerphotography, taylorselbyyoga, and W3LivesNews.com