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We have a group of talented Jewelers from all over the world. With over 100 years of combined experience, each Jeweler brings a unique perspective and specialty. Our Jewelers strive to create the best custom jewelry whether they are resetting a stone, modernizing a family heirloom, or creating a custom piece from scratch. Bring us your ideas for a custom piece, and our Jewelers will exceed your expectations!

Each person you love in life is one-of-a-kind. They deserve the care and attention that goes into customizing a ring or other jewelry piece, including a keen eye for design and the most meticulous craftsmanship.

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The Process of a Master Craftsman

Timeless custom jewelry requires great artistry, and our jewelers have the technique and expertise necessary to produce the finest in personalized pieces. We make the process simple and fast, and work closely with you to turn your dream piece into reality.

Son Huynh who was born in Vietnam has been creating custom pieces at Select Jewelers since 2001.

Select Jewelers employs the finest craftsmen in the customized jewelry business. We believe your loved ones are entitled to nothing less than the best, and our experienced jewelers can craft anything and everything to your exact specifications. Their exceptional skills make the crafting process simple and fast, and ensure the results are of the highest quality.

Our process is simple; bring us your idea and we’ll take care of the rest. It can be a photograph, a sketch, or a detailed description. We’ll take care of the sizing and embellishing and can suggest other personal touches, such as family symbols and gemstones. We’ll even provide you with wax mockups to make sure all of your specifications are met before production begins. It’s that simple.

Once you approve the design, our master craftsmen begin casting in your choice of gold, silver, or platinum. They use a blend of ancient techniques and modern technology to piece everything together with absolute precision. The results are as strong as they are striking.

Jorge Olivares, a Chile native has been crafting custom jewelry for over 35 years

Select Jewelers’ master artisans know that giving the gift of a custom-designed piece, instead of a traditional, pre-made piece, can make a moment truly special. We can create an entirely brand new piece or refashion your old jewelry into something contemporary and unique. Your thoughtfulness, as well as our devotion to crafting everlasting mementos, is what makes a truly personal jewelry piece your loved one will treasure forever.


Love isn’t always easy, but expressing it through our simple, streamlined process is.
Our experts are here to help you translate your ideas from paper to person.
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Rudy Albaran, born in Mexico, has been satisfying customers with beautiful works of art at Select Jewelers since 2013

Son Huynh who was born in Vietnam has been creating custom pieces at Select Jewelers since 2001.