Eternity bands, also known as an infinity ring, are composed of a band of precious metals with a set of continuous line of identical gemstones to symbolize neverending love, usually gifted to a spouse on an anniversary.
Our collection features all fancy shapes including emerald cut, princess cut, oval cut, radiant cut, cushion cut, and fancy yellow diamonds. We also feature diamond weights ranging from 4 total carat weight to 18 total carat weight, allowing each customer to find the exact fit for their taste and specifications. This allows each customer to wear an eternity band that suits them uniquely rather than resorting to the standard traditional shapes and sizes manufactured in stores. We’re also pleased to offer custom-designed diamond jewelry featuring pieces of the utmost quality to fit every expectation.

We understand that diamond jewelry is often purchased with much thought and emotion. We are committed to creating precise diamond cuts that capture and disperse light for the breathtaking effect our customers expect. Our jewelers draw upon classic diamond styles for inspiration. Our jewelry feels timeless and traditional, featuring a modern edge while also maintaining much-beloved elements of heirloom diamond pieces. From delicately set platinum rings encrusted with micro diamond accents to diamond eternity rings boldly studded with large oval cut diamonds, we feature a wide swatch of pieces from which you may choose.