I received some jewelry which I’d like to repurpose to create something new. Can I melt it into an entirely new piece?

Many factors play into this. Generally speaking, molded gold can be melted and repurposed. That said, there is a risk the new piece might have pitting or a brittle structure. Bring in your jewelry and our specialist will be able to give you a more accurate assessment based on your piece.

Why is my white gold jewelry turning yellow?

Pure gold is yellow by nature. White gold is created using an alloy of nickel or palladium. If your white gold jewelry appears to have a faint tint of yellow, it is most probably Rhodium plated and needs refreshing. Bring in your piece and our craftsmen will make it as good as new.

Can you custom make a wedding band to exactly match my engagement ring?

Yes, we are very experienced at creating the perfectly matching wedding band. Our custom jewelry craftsmen are also able to create any design you image. Come in to speak to one of our specialists to see how easy we make the process.

Can you make a pendant out of my diamond stud earring?

Yes, you may choose from our extensive selection of mounting, or we can custom design one from scratch.

How do I find the most brilliant and lively diamond?

We use the strictest of standards when buying our diamond selection. Read more about selecting the perfect jewel on our Diamonds page, and come in so our specialist can walk you through the process of finding the piece that matches your taste and budget. Wherever you go, be sure to ask for a certificate to ensure your diamond’s value across generations.

Are your prices competitive?

We are family owned and interested in serving our community. That is why we offer an extensive selection of quality products at competitive prices, to offer you the most value for your money. We are invested in creating a long-term relationship with you. That, we believe, is how to grow a successful business.

I inherited some jewelry, but it is not my style; can I do something with it?

Yes, we can design a look that will capture your style in design, but use your family heirlooms to preserve that special memory. Be it personalizing the existing design, or refreshing it entirely, our custom design specialists can walk you through your options till you are happy with your new piece.