Everything You Need to Know About Rose Gold Jewelry

Used in traditional jewelry, wedding rings and engagement rings, houseware, and even high-end tech toys, the sheen and luster of rose gold is instantly recognizable and imminently impressive to the eye. Offering a luxurious appearance and a soft glow to the skin, it’s not uncommon to see rose gold on both men and women.

If you’re considering rose gold jewelry as a gift or for yourself, there’s plenty to learn and know about this stunning, impressive metal.

The History of Rose Gold Jewelry

Despite its sudden reemergence in everyday life, rose gold actually has a long and interesting history as a statement piece and one that has ebbed and flowed throughout the course of human events. There’s some debate as to the first appearance of rose gold, but most historians agree that rose gold first took off in the early 19th century in Russia during the time of the czars. Not surprisingly, one of the world’s most renowned jewelers, Peter Carl Faberge, is credited with bringing rose gold to the imperial rulership, mixing yellow gold and copper metals together to bring about a unique, blush-colored creation that came to be known as “Russian Gold.”

Famous for his Faberge Eggs, Faberge used the alloy in some of his greatest creations. Jewelers began to mimic Faberge’s invention, and it became popular throughout the world

By the 1920s, Cartier began utilizing rose gold jewelry in their Trinity rings, intertwining three bands of rose, yellow, and white gold in the design. After the crash of 1929 and the Great Depression that followed, solid, functional metals like platinum began their phase of popularity until World War II when it became an essential element to the war effort, leading to a resurgence in rose gold’s prominence.

What is Rose Gold Made From?

Sometimes referred to as “pink gold,” thanks to its off-red hue, rose gold is actually a mixture of yellow gold, copper, and other metals to help harden the piece. In some higher karat count pieces, this is especially important, as higher levels of gold tend to be more susceptible to scratches, dents, and blemishes. That said, the sheen and luster of these softer alloy pieces can be restored with regular cleaning and polishing as well as dipping by a jeweler (many of which offer the service for free every few years after purchase).

Of course, the more copper that’s used in contrast to the yellow gold, the darker the shade of pink or red. Because copper is so dark, true rose gold pieces often mix in a small amount of silver to lighten and brighten up the piece – usually about 2.5% of the composition.

Why is Rose Gold so Popular Today?

While rose gold jewelry has had a consistent swing back and forth in the fashion world, it’s arguable that rose gold’s popularity today can be at least partially attributed to its prominence in recent Apple products – particularly in its flagship fashion item, the Apple Watch.

Rose gold isn’t as iconic as classic yellow, but modern pieces that instill white diamondsbracelets and bangles with adornments, or delicate and stunning necklaces are certain to turn heads no matter the situation.

Thanks to an influx of neutral colors and more textured everyday fashion, the softer shades of rose gold provide a more subtle accompaniment to modern clothing and styles, which has taken a turn toward vintage and throwback – a perfect look for today’s trendy woman.

Other possible factors for rose gold jewelry’s popularity:

  • Romantic, skin-friendly glow
  • Bubbly, cheerful, and friendly
  • Gorgeous and elegant, yet casual
  • Fashionable and easily adaptable to any style
  • Portrays a sense of luxury and comfort

Where to Find Rose Gold Jewelry

There is no shortage of jewelers with rose gold jewelry, but due to the delicate nature of the metal alloy, it’s important to select a trusted jeweler that will provide a level of quality and service that will last as long as the piece itself. Gabriel has an incredible range of rose gold jewelry for every style, occasion, and price range with a promise of lasting excellence that will carry with the piece for eternity.

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