How to Propose on Vacation

Nothing is more romantic than going on an adventure with the one you love. Planning a surprise proposal can be difficult, so here are some tips that will help you plan the big moment that she will always remember!

Pack the Ring Properly

If you’re traveling by air be sure to put the ring in your carry-on baggage discreetly in case security searches your bag. Make sure you put the ring in a pocket that has a zipper so that it is secure and easy to find within the bag. Do not put the ring in your checked luggage just in case the airline loses your bag. Transporting the ring in your carry-on will allow you to keep the ring within your possession at all times, including under your seat as your flying to your destination. Visit the website of your airline before you travel to ensure that your carry on bag is within the size limits so you don’t have to check it in for being oversized.

Be Prepared for Customs

If you are traveling internationally, research the customs process at your destination airport ahead of time. The agents do random stops and will search all of your belongings. Last thing you want is for a customs agent to ruin your surprise.

Keep the Ring Safe

Before you leave INSURE YOUR RING! When you book your hotel room, ask for a room that has a secure safe. When your lover goes to the restroom to freshen up, use that time to secure the ring the safe. Ideally, you should pop the question within the first few days of the vacation to minimize the chances of anything going wrong so you can spend the trip as fiancés!

Have a Back Up Plan

Always be prepared for your plan to be ruined by weather or other causes! Plan your ideal proposal at your vacation destination, then plan two alternative proposal locations at your destination just in case the weather changes or the original location is taken by other tourists. That way if that happens you have something to fall back on.

Ask your Hotel for Help

Many hotels have concierge services that can help you make your dreams come true. If you tell your hotel that you are planning a proposal at their resort, they can leave rose petals and champagne to your room for when you get back, have waiters help you hide the ring during a romantic dinner, or even prepare a beach area just for your big moment. Many resorts have a photographer that can set up at a hidden spot at your proposal area to capture the memorable moment. Some of these services are complimentary or added to your room as a package and will be a huge help.

Be Thoughtful and Creative

If you’re dating someone who loves to share their life on Instagram and Facebook then be sure to find picture-perfect spots for that big moment picture she’s been waiting to post. Before the moment of your proposal, tell your significant other to dress up for a nice dinner to ensure they have on a nice outfit for their first pictures together as an engaged couple. Research the most romantic adventures, restaurants, beach spots, and other scenic places at your destination.