Eternity Bands: One Ring, Many Diamonds

Otherwise known as an infinity ring, the eternity ring symbolizes lasting love and never-ending commitment with its circular band made up of precious metal and a continuous line of identically cut diamonds and/or gemstones.

Eternity rings are often given as a gift to commemorate a major milestone in a couple’s life such as a wedding anniversary, the birth of a child, or simply as a reminder of a cherished moment in their relationship. Though they can represent a special occasion of the past and present, eternity bands have also been known to symbolize the promise of future celebrations and achievements. Based on the couple, an eternity band can take on an alternative meaning – either way the ring is skillfully crafted to express one’s undying adoration and dedication.

“True love in its purest form can be sublime and ineffable. When words can no longer describe the deep, passionate emotions you have for your soulmate, a symbolization of forever should suffice.”

Behind the Eternity Ring
The concept of a circular band as a representation of devotion and eternal love between two soulmates dates back to the ancient Egyptians who utilized materials like braided reeds, carved bone, metal and gemstones to craft such rings. Decades later, those rings and their features would serve as inspiration for the design of a diamond infinity band.

It wasn’t until the mid-1940s when the De Beers Mining Company, encouraged the use of small diamonds in jewelry which ultimately led to the popularity of diamond engagement rings and eternity bands. A witty ad campaign was launched with the famous slogan “A diamond is forever” which added a sentiment to the purchase of a diamond ring. The subtle elegance of a diamond eternity band became popular and ideal for most women when the adored Marilyn Monroe was gifted an utterly stunning diamond eternity band by Yankees legend Joe DiMaggio on their wedding day in 1954.
Choosing Your Forever Band
Because eternity rings indicate the appreciation and recognition of a particular event in a couple’s relationship, it is important to have knowledge of the different types of bands, a sense of the brides’ style and the confidence to present a ring that truly speaks to the heart.

Full Eternity Or Half Eternity   

The only feature that differentiates a full eternity ring from a half eternity ring is the way the diamonds are set.

Small evenly cut diamonds are set tightly in a row and carefully positioned all the way around the circular band of a full eternity ring. Being that this is a classic style, many brides prefer this diamond set because of its eye-catching sparkle which ultimately provides a luxurious feel when wearing the statement piece.

Due to its aesthetic appeal, the grandeur of the full diamond eternity ring makes it an ideal occasional piece or a finishing piece when layering with existing wedding rings. Since the underside of a full eternity ring can be easily exposed to daily wear and tear, it is advised to check regularly and ensure its maintenance every six months to a year.

On the other hand, the half diamond eternity ring consists of a small row of set diamonds that begin and end at the halfway point of the ring with only metal remaining. In other modern designs, diamonds only appear on the top curve on the face of the band. Both styles of the half eternity bands are a contemporary plays on the classic approach which was strategically modified for durability and practicality reasons.

These two takes on the half eternity ring tend to be much more resistant to daily wear and tear. Since the bottom half of the ring features metal opposed to the all-around diamonds like the full band, it lowers the risk of loose diamonds and is malleable in the event that the bride would want to readjust or resize the band.

A half eternity ring is a great option for the everyday hands-on bride who prefers comfort and assurance. Paired with an existing engagement ring, the half diamond band adds more sparkle and beautifully compliments the engagement ring.

Mix & Match To Customize
Get creative and customize a one of a kind eternity band that will resonate with the bride’s style and will make her feel absolutely special. Mix and match a wide variety of styles to create the perfect ring and show your eternal love.

Color Gemstones
Using colored gemstones is an easy way to personalize a ring. Whether each individual stone represents you, the bride and/or your child’s birthstone or it is simply representing a favorite color, the colored pattern is destined to be bold and breathtaking.
Diamond Cuts
Naturally, classic round cut diamonds are often chosen because of their timeless appearance. However, princess cut and emerald cuts are most commonly used when mix and matching to present an overall glamorous and dramatic look. For a unique appearance, carefully select a combination of cuts that create an eye-catching profile and compliments the bride’s personal tastes.

Add More Diamonds

Take your diamond band to the next level by adding MORE diamonds. Make a big statement and build a ring with endless rows of diamonds to represent love guaranteed to last forever. The more diamonds, the wider the band and the bolder the impression.

Don’t be afraid to use your imagination and multiple elements to create a perfect combination that speaks to the heart and stands out from the crowd.

The exceptional quality of Gabriel & Co.’s eternity rings and bands ensures that they may be passed onto future generations, immortalizing your love and commitment. And with our chic elegant designs, your eternity band will never go out of style.

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