With Honors: Gifts That Celebrate Graduation Day

Whether graduating from high school or college, a gift that is imbued symbolism is perfect for commemorating this significant occasion. Our Showroom features numerous designs that will reflect the graduate’s beliefs, hopes and dreams, or give them guidance and direction as they take the next steps in the journey of their lives.

Here are a few that are at the top of our class:


We have a variety of star earrings, pendants and bracelets from which to choose, all available in a variety of different metals. The star motif symbolize a few different things—your graduate shines as brightly as a star; a star, like the North Star, can lead the graduate in the right direction; or she can “wish on a star” or “reach for the stars” and follow their dreams.


These symbols are meant to bring luck to the wearer, something our graduates will need as they move forward into the next phase of their lives. It will be meaningful for them to wear some lucky charms.

Clovers—the symbol of good luck everywhere.


Throughout history, butterflies have symbolized transformation. Evolving from a caterpillar into a beautiful, winged creature signifies going out into the world, projecting a new image or growing and creating new beginnings and experiences.


These two often have the same meaning—freedom and flight to soar. Wings are more protective while feathers are imbued with a sense of daring and courage.


Once thought of as primarily nautical charms, anchors have enjoyed a deeper meaning from Victorian times to the present day. The anchor had represented a sailor’s safe return home. It became a symbol of hope and also represents the “hope” in the three charms of “faith” (cross), “hope” (anchor) and “charity” (heart). But for the graduate, anchor symbolizes security and freedom—that despite the move to an independent life, home and family will always be there.



Arrows can have dual meanings. If they are Cupid’s arrow, they mean that they will pierce the heart with love—and hopefully in your graduate’s future, she will find true romantic love. But arrows also represent shooting in the right direction and remaining on course.


These have been seen and worn throughout history as a symbol of female empowerment—perfect for women graduates so they know they are independent and brave. These are the perfect jewelry items to give to imbue courage and the knowledge that our daughters, nieces and granddaughters can do anything they set their minds to. There is also a saying, “I love you to the moon and back” and some people wear this to know they are always loved, keeping them close to their family and friends as they go out into the world.


These are ancient talismans which have been popular through different cultures throughout history. They protect from evil and bring good luck and good fortune to the wearer, and we all need a bit of that.

14K yellow gold diamond and sapphire Evil Eye necklace with central sapphire and diamonds


These sentimental motifs are just the type of message we want to give to our graduates as they venture out to find their independence. They may be going out into the world, but they will know that they are always truly loved.

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